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Collectie Filmcollectief - De wraak van Rin Tin Tin

Published 1930 we think

This is a silent Rin Tin Tin movie and for now it is unknown what the original English title is. When translated from Dutch to English, the title is "The wrath of Rin Tin Tin" or "Revenge of Rin Tin Tin" so if anyone could help identify this movie, please leave a message after the beep...The actors are Majorie Reynolds, Warner Richmond, Vince Barnett, Dave O'Brien and Roger Williams

Run time 65:13
Audio/Visual silent, black & white
Language Dutch (only the text between the shots)

Credits, Cor Draijer, who did the transfer from 16mm to MPG


Reviewer: Rennogsd1996 - - October 29, 2009
Subject: Jaws of Justice-1933
This is the Jaws of Justice. It can be bought at for about ten bucks. they have a preview of the video with sound. it shows the opening sequence of this one which has no sound. It is Kazan the Wonder Dog not Rin Tin Tin.

Filmed in beautiful Lake Tahoe, California, a mountie comes to the aid of a woman and her mute friend, who are being terrorized because of a treasure hidden on their land. Kazan the dog is the only one to recognize the murderer of the woman's father. After they learn the secret of the whereaouts of the gold, thanks to an Edgar Allan Poe novel, the villain escapes but Kazan tracks him down. A great mountie and hero dog actionier!
Reviewer: LordOfTheExacto - - October 31, 2007
Subject: Kazan the Wonder Dog
I'll watch it through when I get the chance, but the character names match up for "Jaws of Justice," making this not Rin Tin Tin but Kazan the Wonder Dog. Whoever did the Dutch subtitles seems to have pulled the cast names out of thin air.

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